I'm not going to congratulate you on Women's Day

I'm not going to congratulate you on Women's Day

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I will not congratulate you on the Women's Day because the day of the woman is every day; Every day is a day of vindication, of remembrance and recognition for all those women who with their struggle achieved changes in society to have the same rights as men.

Women like you who stood up against the established and decided to fight for greater equality in work and married life. But first of all we must know something of the history.

It all started with the ifire at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory in New York

He March 25, 1911, a fire occurred in this factory caused the death of 146 people (mostly women) who had been denouncing the precarious working conditions to which they were subjected.The owners of the factory had closed the entrances to prevent theft and disorder and when the fire broke out they could not get out. Many died asphyxiated by the smoke and others when jumping out the window to try to avoid the flames.

As a consequence, important legislative changes were introduced in the occupational and industrial health and safety regulations of the time.

March 8th, day of recital and remembrance

Every March 8 is a day to claim because there is much to do, it is a day to remember to all those "heroines" who managed to change the world and give voice to all women who currently continue to fight for equality and join them. It is a day to reflect, start over, look back and see what has been achieved, look to the future and see where we want to go.

Woman don't allow any of this

  • Let no one hint or say that you are worth less
  • Let no one judge you for being a woman
  • That they tell you that it is a man's thing
  • Let them put limits on you
  • That they choose for you
  • That they pay you less for being a woman
  • Make you choose between motherhood and work
  • May your problems and needs become invisible
  • Conforming because we are better than before.

Mark a future ...

For you, for your daughters, granddaughters, sisters, friends ... For a future in which there is no need for a Women's Day, for a future in which we are so integrated and equal in all areas. It is not an easy road but it is a way to go. The more of us, the easier it will be to achieve it. Because there are no "women's things" and "men's things" in labor or conjugal areas due to social imposition. For a better future.

Shocking but real data:

  • 31 million girls primary school age They do not go to school (UNESCO 2013)
  • 35% of women in the world have been victims of physical and / or sexual violence (UN, 2020)
  • Two-thirds of the 774 million illiterate people in the world are women, a proportion that has not changed in two decades (UNESCO, 2020)
  • Fewer than 4% of managers in the world's 500 largest companies are women (UN, 2020)
  • Women represent two thirds of the poorest citizens in the world (UNESCO 2014)
  • Women are underrepresented in scientific and technological disciplines. Only 29% of the world's researchers are women (UNESCO, 2014)
  • Women earn 16'4% less than men

Every time a woman gets up on her own, unknowingly, possibly without crying out, all women get up – Maya Angelou.

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