Cheap flights summer 2006 with Monarch

Cheap flights summer 2006 with Monarch

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Monarch airline has created new destinations for this summer 2006 with attractive offers of cheap flights to fly to some cities in the United Kingdom. The new flights this summer are with: London, Manchester and Birmingham from Spain.

Cheap flights summer 2006 from Monarch

  • Reef (Lanzarote) – Birmingham: Thursday, from € 83.99 one way.
  • Mahón (Minorca) – Birmingham: Friday from € 49.99 one way.
  • Reef (Lanzarote) – London gatwick: Monday and Thursday from € 83.99 one way.
  • Almeria - Birmingham: 3 times a week from € 49.99 one way.
  • Mahón (Minorca) to Manchester: 3 times a week from € 49.99 one way.
  • Murcia to Birmingham: 4 times a week from € 49.99 one way.

The prices are with taxes included and the discount for regular flights booked through the website. A commission is applied for the use of credit card. The offer ends July 11 and according to the company it represents an extra 505 discount for booking flights via the web.Previous information regarding cheap flights in summer:

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