10 of the worst airports in the world

10 of the worst airports in the world

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Airports are a fundamental part when traveling. But sadly, this doesn't always happen.

Here we give you a list with 10 of the worst airports in the world, famous for the rudeness of its employees, poor facilities and a chaotic environment.

1. Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Source: Wikipedia

This airport based in Manila (Philippines) welcomes 32 million passengers every year when it only has capacity for 6 million. In 2013, Ninoy Airport was considered the worst airport in the world according The Guide to Sleeping in Airports (the Guide to Sleeping in Airports), which asks travelers to rate airports based on comfort, services, cleanliness and customer service.

Tourists were complaining about iRundown facilities, long waiting times and poor treatment by staff. However, there seems to be good news: According to CNBC, the government has in mind to build a new airport that is expected to be operational within 5 years.

2. Charles De Gaulle Airport

Source: Wikipedia

This poor Paris-based airport doesn't have a very good reputation. In fact sis considered one of the worst. “It is by far the most chaotic airport in the world. Staff are rude and sometimes refuse to speak English even though they seem to understand what you say. God forbid you land at Terminal 1 and have to travel to 3. Both are about a kilometer apart, but on foot it takes about 3 kilometers, "wrote Bertrand D'Souza, editor of Overdrive, in an article for the Forbes India magazine.

In addition, Jalopnik asked his readers which, according to them, were the worst airports in the world and Charles de Gaulle was ranked number 2. The data collected confirmed that it is the worst airport in Europe, very disorganized with lousy customer service and very few seats.

3. Los Angeles International Airport

Source: Frederic J. Brown / AFP / Getty Images

We can think that Los Angeles International Airport, being one of the largest airports in the world, is also one of the best. But is not the case. According to the LAX website, this airport is the sixth busiest in the world and the third in the United States. In 2013, Los Angeles International Airport served 66.7 million passengers and 614,917 air operations were carried out. Unfortunately, many of those passengers weren't exactly happy.

In comments on SkyTrax, a website that collects ratings and reviews about air travel, the airport is described as chaotic and disorganized. Additionally, one review stated that the staff had no sense of importance, while another stated the lack of shops, restaurants, and seating. The airport has a Score 4.3 out of 10 in SkyTrax ranking.

4. Bergamo-Orio al Serio Airport

Source: www.a

If you are ever going to Bergamo Italian Airport, don't wait too long. According to a review collected in The Guide to Sleeping in Airports, the security staff is extremely unfriendly, there are hardly any electrical outlets and the facilities are not very clean, especially the bathrooms. In 2013, the survey that the guide The Guide to Sleeping in Airports did to passengers revealed that Bergamo airport was voted as the second worst airport in the world.

Tourists also claimed that it was difficult to communicate with staff due to language reasons and they described the airport as extremely dirty and noisy. If you have no choice but to go to that airport, carry all your devices charged and do not expect to get much rest. In several reviews of the Guide to Sleeping in Airports, it was noted that security personnel woke tourists who were sleeping.

5. LaGuardia Airport

Source: Mehdi Taamallah / AFP / Getty Images

The only means of public transport with which Are you connected New York La Guardia Airport is a very slow city bus, so moving to any other place once we have landed is quite complicated. "The check-in areas are tiny, the security control area is overflowing, the phones are left without coverage and the Wi-Fi is not freeJason Rabinowitz, editor of reported to USA Today.

Furthermore, the airport is described as “a real shame". "It's filthy, crowded, and there's no room for the supposed mass of business travelers," says John Barth, media director. According to the Los Angeles Times, many people hate this airport, including the Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo.

6. Zurich International Airport


If you don't pay much attention to customer service, you won't find any fault with this Swiss airport. In fact, according to the airport's website, it has new and comfortable rooms, great shops and a huge variety of restaurantsAlthough after dealing with the staff, all of that may not be that important.

The airport is incredible but the attitude of the employees puts it to the groundBertrand D’Souza stated in his article in Forbes India. He also related that he had some problems with immigration agents and security personnel that, although they may seem trivial, a person who has been locked in a plane for 8 hours makes an extremely unpleasant impression.

7. N'Djamena International Airport

Source:Pascal Pavani / AFP / Getty Images

If you speak to someone who has been unlucky enough to have been to this airport, you will want to avoid it by all means. The opinions of travelers in The Guide to Sleeping in Airports They speak very badly of this airport in the Republic of Chad. The complaints are very diverse: from lights not working until the bad mood of the staff, who are even hostile.

One of the opinions says that “plastic seats make it impossible to sleep in this airport. The only working toilet was full of dirt since people had used the toilet to wash their feet. There were muddy footprints on the toilet seat, apparently from those who preferred the squatting method. In addition to the mud tracks, which were spread throughout the boarding area, there was also litter scattered everywhere. "

8. Moscow-Sheremetyevo International Airport

According to Lifehack, the terminal is miles from the rest of the airport, so moving from one place to another is not only uncomfortable but also time consuming. In fact, even fast travelers are often late at night. lousy customer service and the bad signage, which is even broken. Getting lost in the airport is easy enough. Lifehack suggests flying out of Moscow Domodedovo International Airport, which is much closer and has a much better reputation.

9. Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport


The Clintons shouldn't be too proud of the reputation of the airport that bears their name. In a guide survey Travel + Leisure, Travelers rate this Little Rock, Arkansas-based airport as the worst in all America. This is partly due to their long waiting times. Also got low scores for billing, delays, design, food and shopping. It only has a couple of shops and restaurants, which means there is not much to do (or eat) if we have to wait a bit before boarding. But not all are negative points, the airport has free Wi-Fi for its customers.

10. Kolkata Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport


This Hindu airport was considered one of the worst airports in the world according to the survey The Guide to Sleeping in Airports. Opinions warn that sleeping in this airport is impossible due to noise, people and seats, which are very uncomfortable. A traveler noted that It takes a long time to get through the security zone and the airport itself is uncomfortable and very noisy.

“To make matters worse, I went to the toilets, which were extremely dirty, and lost my passport on the way. They told me to go to an office. I was stunned by the 10-minute questioning by the airport director about whether Pakistani militants had paid me to 'drop' my passport and 'test their security methods,' "one traveler said in an opinion in The Guide To Sleeping In Airports.

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