How to unclog a toilet

How to unclog a toilet

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Unclogging a toilet, a toilet, is not a task that pleases many, but you have to know how to do it and it is easy if it is not a serious obstruction. If it is a weak clog, you can try it with a mop (see unclogging a clogged toilet). If you are more serious, follow these seven steps and we also show a video that, although in English, helps you understand each step.

We will need: a plunger, plastic gloves, an iron hanger, old newspapers, and perhaps a flexible tool like the one shown in the video.

Step 1: Put on the gloves. A clog is generally caused by an unusual object such as a diaper, a toy, or an air freshener, although some toilets can often become clogged with paper if it has been used excessively. Undocking is easy, but it's a dirty job. so the first step is to put on the gloves.

Step 2: Put the newspapers. Be prepared to stay calm and don't flush the toilet as the toilet may overflow and the bathroom floor will flood. Therefore, put old newspapers around the toilet in any case to prevent water from leaking.

Step 3. Drain the water from the toilet. If your toilet is still full of water, start by flushing it. Grab a “spoon” to pour into a bucket.

Step 4. Start unclogging. Press down firmly on plunger and gently pull up. Repeat the action until you start to hear the water run down the pipes and see that the water is unclogged.

Step 5. Clean the plunger. After use clean the plunger.

Step 6. The hanger method. If you have not been able to unclog the toilet using the plunger you can try using the wire from a hanger. First of all unroll and stretch the wire from the hanger. Move the wire in and out in a circular motion to loosen the obstruction and allow it to go down.

Step 7. One last trick if the clog resists is to use a special flexible tool. In the video you can see how to proceed. If you are unsuccessful with the latter method, call a plumber as the clog may be more serious.

Last steps: Lastly, I checked that the chain is going well; likewise disinfect the water.

Video how to unclog a toilet

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