Clean most common stains around the home

Clean most common stains around the home

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Be careful with stains, you have to treat them before washing, otherwise they will remain where they were. Depending on the type of substance with which it has been stained, your treatment will be, here are solutions to remove the most common stains in the home.

Ballpoint pen, ink or marker stains, medications, shoe polish, candle wax, remnants of tape, burns and dye.

1º) Clean pen or ink or marker stains:

You can opt for commercially available pen erasers that give very good results. The homemade recipe is to rub the stain with half a seedless tomato or to soak it with warm milk or lemon juice for an hour and a half; then rinse with methyl alcohol until the stain disappears, and then wash normally. For water-based ink stains, just rub with water and liquid detergent and rinse with plenty of water. Marker stains are removed by rubbing with a cotton swab soaked in burning alcohol or acetone.

2nd) Clean drug stains:

Syrup stains are easy to remove, they go away with a simple wash. In case of remains, apply a cotton swab dipped in burning alcohol. Iodine stains are treated with alcohol and rinsed with 1 tablespoon of ammonia in a liter of water. Exposing yourself to the sun with soapy water also works well. When it has been stained with an ointment, you must first remove the solid remains with a spatula and apply a solvent. For lasaureolas apply a cotton swab dipped in burning alcohol. For delicate garments that cannot be washed, apply commercial stain removers to treat coffee or tea stains.

3rd) Clean bitumen stains:

First you have to soften the stain with glycerin and treat it with solvents such as turpentine, wash in soapy water with liquid detergent and rinse with methyl alcohol.

º) Cleaning candle wax stains:

To convert the liquid wax into a solid, it is placed in the freezer, then scraped with a spatula to remove the solidified remains and the remains are rubbed with alcohol. Another homemade recipe consists of placing the affected area between two tissue papers and the iron is applied so that the paper absorbs the remains of wax, the haloes are removed with methyl alcohol.

5th) Clean adhesive residue stains:

There are labels that leave residue when removed. Before removing the adhesive tapes, pass the flame of a lighter over it and then proceed to remove the tape. Siaun remains treat with a cotton swab dipped in ether or acetone.

6th) Clean burnt stains:

The most common are those of cigarettes, they can even pierce clothing or leave a yellowish stain that is difficult to remove. Place under the cold water tap and rub with a line of cloth. Soak with a borax solution (50g of borax per liter of water) and then wash as usual.

7º) Clean dye stains:

They are very rebellious. Soak in cold water with liquid detergent and rub gently, if the stain persists use a cotton swab dipped in ammonia or methyl alcohol.

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