Jose Orts Serrano

Jose Orts Serrano

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Sensitivity, charisma and leadership, define a class of unusual business intelligence-If to that we add courage and an overwhelming personality we are putting names and surnames: José Orts Serrano. The name of this heart from Elche will appear together with one of the most audacious attempts to unite the innovation and modernization of the Alicante economy. President of the Investors Club of the Province of Alicante, one of the most intelligent and valuable projects to guide the Alicante economic model towards a XXI century, whose sign seems to be irreversibly marked by innovation, technological change and the knowledge economy.

Entrepreneur who knew how to intuit the value of biotechnology, applied research, human capital or the most advanced techniques of training and business management. President for many years of FUNDESEM, member of the Social Council of the University and person concerned about the application of knowledge and innovation to the company.

His creativity and good business work will be marked in many of the hospitality, gardening, innovation, R&D companies that he managed, founded or developed around that emblematic and patrimonial place of Elcheque is El Huerto del Cura.

Educated businessman, proud of his roots but open to the world, to changes and to professional decision-making, even in the area reserved for many in the family business.

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