Meaning of name Angela

Meaning of name Angela

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Angela is a feminine name of Greek origin "agitate them" means"delivery courier", its meaning is "The one who brings the message of God"

History and the Saint

Saint Angela of Foligno:

He was born in Foligno, Italy in 1248; "Mysticism of the Passion of Christ". After a worldly life, full of riches and luxuries that did not make her happy, at 35 years of age she lost her most loved ones (mother, son and husband); she abandoned the temple where she listened to the Franciscan father Arnoldo (later he would write his biography) and His conversion occurs. He sells all his possessions and distributes it among the poor. And he dedicates the rest of his life to contemplation and communication with God and helping those who need it most. His Saint is celebrated on January 4.

Saint Angela de Méreci, virgin.

He was born in Desenzano, Lake Garda in 1474, in a humble family, is orphaned at the age of 15 and enters the company of the Franciscans. Founded the company of Santas Ursula, dedicated to the care of orphan girls. The first Ursulines were virgins consecrated to God and to the service of their neighbor; with the passage of time these norms changed, they came to disintegrate into many congregations; until Saint Charles of Borromeo gives a concrete orientation; The congregation of the Ursulines was a modern vision of religious institutes, it was ahead of its time.

His Saint is celebrated on January 27.

Other Saint Angela:

  • Santa Angela de Fulgencia, religious is celebrated on March 30;
  • Saint Angela de la Cruz (Guerrero González), virgin on November 5
  • Saint Angela de Mérici, virgin on January 27.

Variant of Angela:

  • Angela variants, Angel or Angels,
  • diminutive: Angelina.

in other languages

  • Catalan: Angela;
  • French: Angèle;
  • English and Italian: Angela.

Famous people, famous historical figures by the name of Angela:

  • Angela Molina, was born in Madrid in 1953, actress daughter of actor Antonio Molina; debut in the film: "You will not kill"by Cesar Ardavin.
  • Angela MerkelBorn in Hamburg in 1954, she is the first woman to hold the head of government in Germany.
  • Angela carter, was born in Sussex, England in 1940; writer; his first novel is titled: "Shadow dance", 1965; "The magic toy store"; 1967, among others; all his works are referenced in magical realism.
  • Angelina jolie voight, was born in Los Angeles, USA in 1975, daughter of actor Jon Voight and actress Mercheline Bertrand. She made her film debut in 1982 in "Looking to get out". He won an Oscar for "Innocence Lost" in 1999.

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