Places of interest near San Francisco

Places of interest near San Francisco

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The Guardian provides information on sites of interest near San Francisco that are less well known but worth visiting.

If when passing over the Golden Gate Bridge, turn left and head towards Stinson Beach. And in less than an hour, you will have been quite far from the city. Welcome to nature.

Pass Napa and Sonoma. West Marin is very close and it is more beautiful; It is the birthplace of mountain biking and the spiritual home of surfing, hang gliding, seal and whale watching, and hiking.

You can rent million-dollar palaces in front of Stinson Beach or go a little further to Steep Ravine, on the other side of Stinson, where on Mount Tam there is a campground and 10 fantastic shelters built in the 1930s with large windows and wonderful views of the ocean, but no running water.

Mount Tam: From San Francisco you can see Mount Tamalpais, 784m high, which was the first tourist mountain after the gold rush. You can drive to the East Peak and walk the final stretch. Worth. The views from East Peak go out into the Pacific and by land you can see the entire bay from Sausalito to San Francisco, with Alcatraz in the middle and Mount Diablo beyond Oakland.

Mount Tam is a mecca for mountain biking. Cycle its trails and you will understand why it started here 25 years ago. All of West Marin is full of paths that invite you to cycle or walk. At the end of the 32km of curves up Mount Tam, there is an English pub. For the less energetic, the 16km path overlooking the bay that runs along the coast. It has no loss.

Muir Woods: Rounding Cape Marin is the redwood paradise, Muir Woods, named in honor of the Scottish-born conservationist John Muir who created the US national park system. In the lower part of the forest is Muir Beach, a beautiful family cove where Janis Joplin's ashes were scattered. And not far away is the Green Gulch Zen Center, where you can spend the night.

Point Reyes: A peninsula that extends about 16km into the Pacific. The best oysters in the Pacific are grown in Tomales Bay. Cattle graze on the rich pastures that owe their fertility to the sea mist. The elk tule paces north. Some ranches are organic and produce cheeses like the famous Point Reyes Blue.

There's a horse tied up outside the Old Western Saloon, the old west saloon at Point Reyes Station; It is a curious and fashionable alternative, to enter like a cowboy.

Bolinas: The Bolinas exit on Route One is not signposted. Every time the state puts up a sign, the Bolinas Border Patrol removes it in less than 24 hours. In the pretty town of two streets is Smiley’s, California's oldest bar, open during the gold rush.

Frank Lloyd Wright: When you return, go back to San Rafael. Take the exit of the Marin Civic Center, go to it and enter. It is Frank Lloyd Wright's latest masterpiece and admission is free. Delve into the future of 1950, in "The Forbidden Planet" and the adventures of Dan Dare. You will find yourself in a futuristic movie and a comic strip at the same time. Do yourself a big favor and check this out before heading back to the modern world.

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