How to make a bat with Tweezers for Halloween

How to make a bat with Tweezers for Halloween

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In today's post we will explain step by step how to make a bat with the help of tweezers.

These clips can be used to hang terrifying drawings, to decorate the garden as if it were full of bats or simply to have packages of pasta, rice, chickpeas ...

Advice!! If the bat is large and we print one per cardboard we can make the folds in the wings and create that feeling of flight. We can also use the washers that protect the filing sheets to make the eyes, create a different feeling and which the children like very much. If you want to make many bats out of cardboard, I also leave you the step by step.

What do we need to make Halloween clothespins? In this case materials for bat clamp:

  • Bat halloween template to cut out from cardboard. [See Halloween. Spiders and Bats]
  • Black tempera and orange tempera, a fat black marker also works
  • Wooden clothespins (not plastic ones because they don't absorb paint)
  • Crafts Eyes
  • Glue stick
  • Hot glue gun

Step by step bat clamps:

1. We put the work table or floor covered with newspaper.

2. On a plastic plate we put a little black paint lowered with a few drops of water (otherwise it will be very thick).

3. We place the clamp on the newspaper and paint with a brush. We can explain to the little ones that the ideal is that we follow the drawing of the wood of the clamp with the brush.

4. When the caliper is painted on the edges and one of the bases, let it dry.

5. We print the bats on black or orange cardboard and cut out.

6. When we have printed what we do is glue both eyes to give it that more fun touch.

7. The tweezers will have dried on one side. We paint on the other and leave resting on the already dry part (It is not really necessary to paint it on both sides, since on one of the sides we will stick the bat, spider, pumpkin or the motif of the clip in question).

8. When it is dry, we put a few drops of hot silicone on the clamp and put a little pressure on the cardboard cut out and prepared.

Following these steps we can have in a little while many tweezers to make with the little ones. We prepare several and of different sizes, we put them around the fence of the terrace and thus create that halloween atmosphere before going in for a snack. Children who come to "trick or treating" also like this detail of the bats on the fence. Happy Halloween!!

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