Creative ideas for framing and placing photos

Creative ideas for framing and placing photos

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5 very original ways to frame and put photos at home

The photos are our history, our memories… And if they are special, why shouldn't the way of framing them be special? These ideas are sure to inspire you!

Frame family history or unforgettable memories with friends

Beyond the common of having at home a simple photo frame on a piece of furniture or a bland frame hanging on the wall, we present you some peculiar and different ideas to put your photographs and give a personal or creative touch to your home.

Photos hanging with clips:

Whether it's neat or messy, there are many ways to position your photos in this 'laundry line' style.

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Original frame made with glasses:

A small double frame to put on a piece of furniture or far away. Have you seen someone with this frame? I do not!

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Photos in glass jars or jars:

Very funny and different. In addition, the jars can be decorated with sisal rope bows, stickers and other decorations.

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Sorted away with a classic touch:

If you are one of those who prefer something more serious or simply like the conventional more, with this idea you will give your home a different and creative air.

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Unique frame made with an old door:

Don't throw away that glass door you've been through so many times! You can turn it into this useful wonder.

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Do you have any amazing ideas to frame your photos? Share it with us 🙂

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