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Azorín phrases

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This writer (José Augusto Trinidad Martínez Ruíz) better known by his pseudonym “Azorín”, novelist and essayist from Alicante could not be left out of this blog. These are phrases from Azorín.


  • There is no small or large Spanish town that does not contain a teaching.
  • If we think about it, we will see that many of the troubles that come to us are caused by unnecessary words.
  • Note that I am not trying to compose a biography. If I did, I wouldn't write it either.
  • elegance is contained strength.
  • Sincerity costs a lot. We believe many times that we are sincere and we are not.
  • Sensitivity raises a barrier that intelligence cannot overcome.
  • What we love most avidly: the picturesque and the unforeseen.
  • Without writers, even the most laudable acts are one day.
  • Old age is the loss of curiosity.
  • there is no more reality than the image, no more life than consciousness.
  • What would a writer be without that obstacle that forces him to subtle twists and turns to say what cannot be said? The literary technique wins out.

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