Meaning of dreaming about money

Meaning of dreaming about money

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What does it mean to dream of money, that you win it or lose it?

Dream of money or dream, that you earn a lot of money it means that you can achieve success and prosperity. In dreams money represents security, self-esteem, success or values.

Another interpretation of a dream with money is when it comes to your ideas about love. Money symbolizes sexuality and power.

If you dream that you lose money, it means that perhaps you feel vulnerable, unhappy and powerless in your real life. But it bodes good luck in business.

If you dream that you have a lot, means loss of money.

If you dream that you are lending money to someone, tells you that you will experience uncomfortable and embarrassing situations.

Dreaming that you receive gold, it is a very good omen, it means that he will live in abundance, that everything will go well for him and that he will be able to indulge in every whim.

Dreaming that you are counting money and finds a deficit, it means that you will have liquidity problems.

If you dream that you steal money, it means that you are in danger and must be careful with all your movements.

If you dream that you are saving money, is a very good omen, tells you that you will be rich and live comfortably in abundance.

Dreaming that you are swallowing money, it means that he is going to become a mercenary.

Dreaming about looking at a lot of money, it means that prosperity will make you a rich man.

Dreaming that we find a block of coins and a young woman claims them, it means that we are going to lose a company or a job because of a friend. The one who dreams will find that he is spending his money recklessly and living beyond his means. He is warning you, be wise with money. Do not get carried away by whims and fantasies and spend more than you earn.

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