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Landlord It is the person who gives another the use of a thing (home, farm, property) for a specified time and a certain price.

The obligations of the lessor:

- Delivery of the leased property. The landlord will deliver the leased farm to the lessee, with all its belongings and in a state to be used for the agreed use for that which by its very nature was destined.

- Conservation of the leased property. The lessor is obliged to keep the leased property in the same state, during the lease period, carrying out all the necessary repairs;

- Do not disturb or disturb. The landlord will not in any way hinder the use of the leased property, unless it should proceed to carry out urgent and indispensable repairs;

- Guarantee the use of the propertyThe landlord will guarantee the use or peaceful enjoyment of the farm during the time of the contract;

- Respond for damages. The landlord will be liable for damages and losses suffered by the tenant for defects or hidden vices of the home or property, prior to the lease.

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