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Soria Museums

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What to see and visit in Soria?

- Numantic Museum(Paseo del Espolón, 8. 42001 - Soria Tlf: 975221428): houses archeology remains from

Paleolithic to Modern Age: funerary remains, of the Celtiberian necropolis, of the Roman sites of Tiermes, Uxama and Numancia and an Arabic alphabet of Osma.

- Museum of the Church of San Juande Duero (Plaza de las Ánimas, Soria, Tel .: 975 23 02 18): collects works and pieces of art from the Hebrew, Muslim and Christian cultures (Romanesque.

- Juan AntonioGaya Nuño Cultural Center (Pl. De San Esteban, 3, Tel .: 975 230 057): Museum of Contemporary ArtSpanish. It houses works by the most outstanding Spanish painters: Tapies, Zabaleta, Ponç, Saura, MIllares, VázquezDíaz, Alvaro Delgado, Viola, Cossío ...

- MuseumCathedral:located in the Co-Cathedral of San Pedro. It houses invaluable works of art such as: tapestries, carpets, paintings, goldsmiths, documents, sculptures, manuscripts ...

-Fossil Museum of AdriánMartínez Tierno (c / Ángel de laGuarda): it is a private museum, but open for free to schools and students.

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