7 hairstyles that will make you look slimmer

7 hairstyles that will make you look slimmer

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And it is that experience shows us that optical effectsSometimes they help more than undergoing long training sessions and harsh diets, which obviously help too, but are harder to bear.

These tricks also work if you have a round face and want tricks to lengthen the face.

So below, I propose 7 haircuts / hairstyles that will give the feeling that you have lost 5 kilos on the way to the hairdresser.

1. Grow your hair

If you must choose between long or short hair, always choose the first option. Having long hair will give the feeling that your face is longer.

2. Tousled ponytail with superior volume

This hairstyle softens the face, as well as creating the feeling of an off-center look. and, consequently, a less round face.

3. Half up with a bow tie

With this way of gathering your hair, you will be optically confusing whoever is looking at you and they will think you are much thinner than you already are.

The secret is that it is always a little disheveled with highlights on the outside

4. Soft waves

Round faces cry out for movement in hair. The larger your hair size and volume, the smaller your face will appear. But be careful, do not go with excessively marked curls.

5. Long bob

We can say that it comes back the ‘Bob’ a little longer and asymmetrical, shorter at the nape than at the front. In this way, we lengthen our face.

6. High bun

For the sole purpose of lengthening your face, you can make a bun as high as possible.Obviously this is a hairstyle for rare occasions.

7. Play with gradients

The colors in block, not excessively flattering. By giving highlights, without starting from the root, leaving it a few shades darker, you are giving sweetness and softening your face.

Do you have a key hairstyle that makes you slimmer? We want to know your secrets !!

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