Cheap flights between Barcelona and Wales

Cheap flights between Barcelona and Wales

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BmiBaby launches new route between Cardiff and Barcelona

Cardiff International Airport has been finalizing preparations for the new route from Wales to Barcelona, ​​which started operations on 24 May.

The route of the low-cost airline bmibaby will transport more than 370 passengers to the Spanish city in its first week.

Until June 18 there are two weekly services; later, bmibaby will increase it to three per week adding an additional service on Wednesdays.
One-way prices for this new Cardiff-Barcelona route start from £ 24.99 (taxes and fees included).

According to the CEO of bmibaby, Barcelona is already a popular destination from the company's other bases in the United Kingdom and now travelers from Wales will also be able to access this Spanish city. On the other hand, more and more Spaniards are taking advantage of cheap flights to the United Kingdom, and Welsh is a region of spectacular beauty and well-prepared rural tourism. It also has restaurants that are highly regarded throughout the UK.

The inaugural flight took place this week with 95% occupancy.

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