Representation of the spouse in the Board of owners

Representation of the spouse in the Board of owners

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Is the representation of the spouse on the Board valid?

REPLY. In the case of community property, the Spanish Civil Code establishes that any of the spouses may exercise the defense of common property and rights by action or exception, that is, if one of the spouses attended and voted at the Meeting, their action links the other without detriment of a hypothetical action that the latter could take against the former for the damages and losses that may arise.

In the case of separation of assets, the absentees must appoint a representative to attend and vote at the Meetings, which could be perfectly the spouse.

F. Brotons Baldó. Farm administrator

Topics: Representation of the spouses in the Communities of Neighbors. Viculation of the marriage representation in the votes of the Board of Owners. Validity of Board agreements - spouses.

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