Flat stomach with Natural Products

Flat stomach with Natural Products

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Show off a flat belly or tummy with totally natural supplements. Without forgetting to walk daily.

The first thing I recommend is that you do a homemade enema, because you will be able to evacuate all the waste and it will improve bowel movement and liver function. The colon is not irritated and the abdominal wall is not damaged.

Over the years the walls of the large intestine are covered with hardened fecal matter. The mucosa, toxic substances, fats and parasites, are retained and thus we will start well clean inside.

The kit is sold in pharmacies. It is advisable to prepare it with warm water or infusions of Horsetail, Thyme or Chamomile.


-It is contraindicated for pregnant women and those operated on the rectal anus.

-I will remind you that salt, alcohol, fried foods, pasta and sweet carbohydrates were ALL OUT NOW! It would be a shame, after having done the enema, to start to dirty the digestive system again.

-Eat 5 to 6 times a day. All natural things that are good for you: grilled vegetables, smoothies, juices, meats and white fish.

-You will add to your diet: Probiotics, which favor the development and balance of the intestinal flora, with 1,200 million Lactobacillus. It also improves digestion and our immunity by taking 1 capsule a day. I take Flora-L from Ynsadiet.

-At the same time you will take a DETOX syrup. I personally like the DRENOX by Insadiet or Detox-Bio by Salus. It is composed of: extract of Artichoke, Dandelion, Blueberry, Blueberries, Vit-C, Green Tea, Vit A, lemon. All this helps to drain our body of accumulated toxins.

-If you have abdominal bloating and excess gas, take BIO 3 with Probiotics and Prebiotics, based on fennel. IT'S AWESOME! It is a true discovery, because it helps us to regenerate the intestinal flora and also expels gas and calms the intestines.

-If you are constipated, take the Aloe-Fax:

Tips for good digestion

  • Chew food well
  • Gentle cooking
  • Natural yogurts or better Kefir
  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotics
  • Avoid drinking a lot while eating
  • No carbonated drinks or chew gum
  • Speak slowly so as not to swallow air
  • Take many infusions

Example of diet, to avoid gas:

-Breakfast: vegetable milk (Soy, Oatmeal) or infusion or Tea + Yogurt + toasts of oatmeal or spelled with oil.

-Lunch: turkey or salmon with toast; or peeled apple or pear or skimmed yogurt or kefir.

-Food: rinsed and boiled rice or vegetable broths with an omelette + lemon chicken or white fish.

-Snack: DETOX shakes with 1/2 squeezed lemon. Example: Kiwi, celery, fennel or if you prefer, infusions with a fruit and 2 nuts.

-Dinner: boiled vegetables or puree or grilled asparagus or grilled mushrooms or scrambled with mushrooms.


Finish meals with a good infusion of pennyroyal-mint-fennel-chamomile.

And you forget to walk, so that the intestine does its job ... A sedentary lifestyle is the worst enemy of gases.

Little kisses,

Amparo Martinez
MARÁN Beauty Salon

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