Meaning of name Atanasio

Meaning of name Atanasio

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Athanasius, masculine name of Greek origin, derived from "Athanatos"whose meaning is"the one who is immortal"; as Athanatos without the private particle "to" that is to say "thanatos" it means"death"

History and the Saint

Saint Athanasius, Bishop and Doctor of the Church. Bishop of his hometown, Alexandria, succeeds Saint Alexander after being his deacon in the year 328 and for 45 years.
His work in the 5th century in defense of a single substance in God (hypostasis) equality between the Father and the Logos, culminated in the Council of Nicea in 325; it was not understood and provoked confrontations with Arian emperors and bishops; suffered five exiles among them, to Treveris and Rome. After his last exile, he returned to his position in Alexandria; writes "Speech against the Arians", "History of the Arians" and "Apology of Losarrianos".
His saint is celebrated on May 2.

OthersSaints Athanasius: Saint Athanasius, martyr is celebrated on January 3, Saint Athanasius, bishop and martyr on July 5 and August 22 and Saint Athanasius, bishop on July 15.

Variant of Athanasius:

Athanasius in feminine Athanasia
in other languages, Catalan: Atanasi, French: Athanase,English: Athanasius, Italian: Athanasius

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Athanasius:

  • Atanasio Fernandez, Spanish born in 1930 Athanasio buys a batch of females and a stallion from the Count of the Court, to add them to those he already had of the same blood that he had inherited from his father-in-law, thus creating his own encaste, an example of brave livestock contemporary Castilian.

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