The 10 most common dreams and their meaning

The 10 most common dreams and their meaning

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Surely you have frequently had one of these dreams The problems that cause our daily dreams live in our subconscious and affect us in our lives.

Our day-to-day life and our concerns are directly linked to our dreams. Depending on the country, the cultures and socio-economic conditions of each person may change, but in general the most frequent dreams of humanity are the following and It is important to analyze these dreams, to understand who we really are and what worries us.

1- Dream of an Ex-partner

Ex-husband, ex-partner, ex-boyfriend, means that you miss him, for some reason, even if you are not aware, it is so.

  • You can see the full interpretation:Dream about an ex.

2- Dream that we fly

It represents the need for freedom. It is anxiety to get rid of responsibilities and feel free before the world. The free will.

  • More complete interpretation indream of flying.

3- Dream that we have sex

It represents the need we have for sex. Sure, you haven't had sex with anyone for a long time, or if you do, they don't fully satisfy you.

  • See more at:Dream about sex

4- Dream of Water

It represents the mood of the person, so depending on how we see the water in our dream, it will mean one thing or another.

  • See the full meaning:Dream of water.

5- Dreaming of the End of the World

Dreaming of the apocalypse or the end of the world represents that you have reached the end of a stage in your life and you are looking for new goals. You need new motivations, to create new illusions.

Dream of being attacked

You feel stressed, vulnerable, and need help. It could be that you were faced with a time of change and uncertainty in your life.

7- Dream of a snake

The snake represents betrayal by a friend, defeating his enemies, sexual problem ... There are many meanings depending on the situation.

  • See:Dream of Snake

8- Dream of Death

If it is your own death, it means that you are in a transition phase in your life. You are becoming a more spiritual person. You are also desperately trying to escape the demands of your life. If you see the death of a loved one ...

  • See:Dream of death.

9- Dreaming of feeling someone's presence

It means that you must control your feelings, so as not to put yourself in evidence. You may have to fight with someone, who loves you badly and goes after you.

10- dream of a wedding

For married people, seeing their partners marrying again can be the announcement of a definitive separation. If you are single and dream that you are getting married it can mean changes in your way of life

  • See the full meaning in:Dream About Wedding.

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