Meaning of the name Berenice or Bernice

Meaning of the name Berenice or Bernice

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Berenice or Bernice, feminine name of Greek origin "Berenike", composed by "pherein" what does it mean "carrier" and by"Nike" what does it mean "victory". Bernice Bernice it means "She who is the bearer of victories"

History and the Saint

Berenice or Bernice, Saint Bernice Bernice. She vows chastity and dedicates her life to God, due to her Christian faith she was martyred and died in Syria during the 4th century.
His birthday is celebrated on October 4.

Variant of Bernice or Bernice

Berenice variant Bernice

Berenice in other languages:

  • Catalan: Bereniç,
  • French: Berenice;
  • English: Berenice.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Bernice or Bernice:

  • Berenice, Jewish princess, daughter of Herod Agrippa I; He marries and then goes to live with his brother King Herod Agrippa II of Judea, where they were accused of incest. Then the Roman Emperor Titus made her his concubine and took her to Rome, where she was rejected by public opinion.
  • Berenice Abbott, was born in Springfield, Ohio, USA in the year 1898, famous photographer for her New York City series called "Changing New York", 1939.
  • Berenice It was the name of several Egyptian princesses descendants of the Ptolemaic family and of two princes of Judea.

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