Deadlines for the challenge Board of owners

Deadlines for the challenge Board of owners

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Deadlines for objection of absent owners to the Meeting

REPLY. The art. 18.2 and 18.3 of the Horizontal Property Law (LPH), is referring to the assumptions of contesting the agreements adopted by the Board, with respect to which those "absent for any reason" may contest the same in within three months or one year depending on the case.

The art. 17.1.8 of the LPH. It does not mention any type of challenge, but the simple discrepancy that the Law allows for those who are absent, in those agreements of great importance, in order to avoid that their vote, against their will, is considered favorable to the agreement.

In any case, it is absolutely necessary for the absentee to state his disagreement or refusal within thirty days in order to later challenge, otherwise his silence is considered favorable.

F. Brotons Baldó. Farm administrator

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