Decorate the exterior of the house with Christmas lights

Decorate the exterior of the house with Christmas lights

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Tips for decorating the exterior of the house with Christmas lights

The exterior of the house is what our neighbors see, and at Christmas decorating it with outdoor lights is a way to brighten the street where we live. We give you some ideas and tips on how to decorate the house with Christmas lights.

What type of lights and effect do we want to achieve

Determine the style of our house (rustic house, modern apartment, chalet, beach apartment ...) and use lights and / or other decorative elements that complement the size and style of our house. It is important not to go overboard with the exterior decoration: it could disturb the neighbors, it wastes electricity and it is not ecological at all. It is important to come up with an attractive but not too flashy exterior decoration.

Get inspired, look for ideas

Browse some magazines or search the internet, google images, pinterest or youtube you can find a lot of ideas to inspire you.

When we are walking around the city at Christmas time, look at decorations and ideas that catch our attention. The decoration of the exterior of the stores can serve as inspiration, especially the decoration stores in which you can find excellent ideas for the interior of the windows that are then displayed from the outside.

Attention to safety

When it comes time to place the lights outside the house, take extra security measures. It is important use a sturdy, sturdy ladder and the right tools. It is advisable to have an assistant, but if we finally do it alone, use a basket with a handle to carry the materials. Put a nail or S-hook on the ladder to hang the container. Try to limit as much as possible the number of times we go up and down the ladder, but without having to bend down to get to things. When we cannot reach the next position it is time to move the ladder. Make an aside of the entire project before starting the next one.

photo: pinterest

Prepare to install the lights

Before you start, check that the lights are working and that the cables are in good condition. Choose a cable suitable for outdoor use, which is compatible with our lights and with the climate it will have to endure. If there is no plug near the roof or balcony, an extension cord can be pulled through a window (but we will not be able to close it). If there is an outdoor outlet somewhere in the house, install the extension cord from there, keeping the cord as close to the wall as possible. Make sure the electrical outlet is protected from rain, snow, and sprinklers.

Install fasteners or fasteners where you can hook the extension cables and lights. Space them evenly with a distance similar to that between the bulbs on the light strips (finish this step completely before starting to hang the lights). While nails, screws, and other metal fasteners may seem like the answer, they are electrically conductive, rust, and leave holes in the surface of the structure. There are many products on the market made of rubber or hard plastic designed for hanging electrical cables. It is best to ask the staff of a trusted store, explaining what we plan to do with them. They are very cheap and easy to install. Choose them resistant to humidity.

Hang the lights

Start from the plug and follow the fasteners until the project is completed. Hang a strip; then plug in the next strip, end to end. Make sure the light cables are securely fastened to the fasteners.


Go down the ladder, turn on the lights, and from a position somewhat away from the house, check for uniformity. Ask a family member or neighbor to look also.

Decorate columns with lights

  • Combining the strips of lights with Christmas garlands (natural or artificial) will allow us to easily wrap a column. The added bulk of a garland will help keep the string lights from slipping down and also add a touch of style. If we need a bit of adhesion, space and hide small pieces of blutack behind the garland.

Decorate the railing or terrace with lights

  • To decorate the railing of the porch or terrace you can using the same technique as with the garland, wind the strips of lights above and below the railing. Secure them as necessary with blutack.


  • Be very careful, especially if we have a small yard that fills up fast. Keep the safety of our children and guests in mind at all times. A maze of power lines hidden in the yard can be dangerous.
  • Outside, avoid excessive “flashing” lights, which can distract drivers.
  • Lead is in wiring and insulation materials. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling the lights; we can also use rubber gloves.

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