Meaning of German Name

Meaning of German Name

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German is a masculine name of Germanic origin, from "Wehr-mann",what does it mean "He who is a warrior"or"He who is a man of war". In its Latin origin it becomes"Germanus"by phonetic similarity and means"He who is a brother", the word brother was the way to call the barbarian people.

History and the Saint

Saint German of Auxerre, He was born around the year 380 in present-day Auxerre, in France, into a noble family of the Roman Senate. He studied law, he practiced until he was appointed governor of Harmonica and later he was governor of his hometown Auxerre, in times when political power was linked to power. of the church. Bishop Amadeo had the vision of his own death and saw Germán as his successor. Germánes appointed priest and changes his life by renouncing his inheritance and dedicating himself to prayer, fasting and asceticism. In 418 he occupied the bishopric of Auxerre, built the Abbey of San Cosmas and San Damián and numerous monasteries and churches. The Saint Maurice oratory bears his name and became the abbey of Paris, his remains are currently buried.

His saint is celebrated on July 31.

Other Santos Germán: Saint Germán, martyr is celebrated on May 2, June 2, July 7, October 22 and 23, November 3, November 13, January 19 and January 19; Saint Germán, bishop on May 12, May 28, July 31, October 30 ; Saint Germán, bishop and martyr on September 6 and Germán, bishop and martyr on October 11.

Santas Germanas: Saint Germana, martyr is celebrated on January 19 and Saint Germana Cousin, virgin on June 15. Saint Germanicus, martyr is celebrated on January 19.

German variant

German variants Germano, Germanic;female: Germana.

German in other languages:

  • Catalan: Germa.
  • French: Germain.
  • English: German.
  • Italian: Germano.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Germán

  • German Arciniegas, was born in Bogotá in 1900; writer, journalist and writer of historical, social and political essays.
  • German Gamazo, was born in Boecillo, Valladolid in the year 1838, politician

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