Meaning of name Dionisio

Meaning of name Dionisio

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Dionisio, male name, is the name of the God of parties For the Greeks. Formed by God, it means "He who keeps faith in God"

History and the Saint

Saint Dionysus, bishop and fellow martyrs.Dionysus was the first bishop of Paris. Around the year 250 he was sent with 6 other companions to evangelize the Gauls, for which he settled on the outskirts of the city of Paris; builds his first church and converts many faithful. Due to his existence he is denounced and the governor demands to arrest him. They detain him along with two companions (Rustic and Eleutherium), are tortured and then beheaded. Their bodies were buried where the Abbey of Saint-Denis stood. Patron of France and Paris. Also invoked against headache and rage.
His Saint is celebrated on October 9.

Other Santos Dionisio:SanDionisio, martyr is celebrated on February 8, February 14, March 10, March 16, March 24, April 19, June 3, September 30, October 3 and 4; among others.

Variant of Dionysus

Dionisio in other languages:

  • Catalan: Dionis,
  • French: Denis,
  • English: Give us,
  • Italian: Dionigi.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Dionysus:

  • Dionysus the LiberalKing of Portugal from 1279 to 1325, second son of Alfonso II, during his reign the wars between his country and neighboring Christians ended.
  • Dionisio Ridruejo, was born in Soria in 1912, an outstanding poet, a representative figure of the generation of 36 and creator of the Escorial magazine.

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