An apple a day to fight obesity

An apple a day to fight obesity

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A compound found in the skin of the apple can prevent overweight.

He ursolic acid is a compound thatincreases the amount of muscle and brown fat, two of the types of tissues that burn the most fat, thus helping to prevent obesity.

Ursolic acid is a waxy substance that occurs naturally in many plants, including blueberries, lavender, oregano, plums, mint, and basil, and is particularly abundant in apple skin.

Lose fat by increasing muscle mass

Ursolic acid from the skin of apples triggers weight loss and improves metabolic function.

The study relied on feeding mice a high-fat diet for a period of 3 weeks to determine how this affected their weight compared to a group of control mice.

Previous studies had already shown that ursolic acid increases muscle mass and stimulates the production of brown adipose tissue, compared to the production of white adipose cells that are those that store fat and are responsible for the gain of excessive body weight.

The researchers measured the energy expenditure of the mice, and found that those fed ursolic acid burned more calories than mice that did not consume ursolic acids.

Ursolic acid, therefore, increases the amount of skeletal muscle and brown fat, two tissues with a high rate of energy expenditure.

Although this compound has not been tested in people, it could one day be used as a treatment for muscle loss, a common problem during aging and in diseases such as cancer.

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