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Hello! sorry I'm late. I think I responded to him on the Euroresidents Pets forum, researching online I found out the best dog food according to the OCU: Ultima, EUKANUBA, HILL’S SCIENCE PLAN, Royal Canin… etc. These are in category B, which are good quality feed. They are not of incredible quality because that would be category A, but I could not mention which ones fall into that category, I imagine they must be quite expensive. These brands go very well, for example I give my cat Ultima and sometimes Royal Canin, and when I can't find it I buy her another one, but basically she eats from these two brands. Anyway, what you can do is go to an establishment specialized in animal feed since there they may make good deals in large quantities, or they can advise you on another brand of good quality at a good price. Good luck with your dog and best wishes !!! 😉

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