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The Woods They are sticks for making long strokes and can be used in the Outlet tee or in the Street.

They are distinguished by giving long and precise strokes. They are called woods, because formerly they were made only of wood. Currently, they can be made of Titanium, Steel, Graphite or Fiberglass, but they are still called wood. The secret is that they have a larger head and the center of gravity is lower and backwards, which helps to pass the club under the ball on the shot. Its shaft is longer and the blow acquires more speed and more lift.

The wood lofts are made only of Steel and Titanium. Today there are also Street Woods: they are woods from 2 to 7, since they have more Loft and reach a smaller distance, than Irons. Types of Woods: they go from 1 to 7. No. 1 , I know her by Driver (9'5º of Loft and it is with the one that usually starts from the Starting Tee). The rest of the woods can be used on the street and they get better results than with irons, because their characteristics give better results. Normally, the ones that are used the most are 1, 3 and 5.

See this video for a demonstration with a Wood 3 being used on the Street and not on the Tee:

Video: Rain Sounds in Woods for Sleeping or Studying. Rainstorm White Noise 10 Hours (August 2022).