Chinese horoscope

Chinese horoscope

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What is the Chinese horoscope?

Chinese Astrology is based on the Chinese calendar and regulated by the lunar phases, the Chinese New Year is celebrated between January 21 and February 19 (Variable date).

The Chinese calendar was introduced by Emperor Huang Ti in the year 60 of his reign; It is governed by lunar cycles and is formed by periods of 360 years that are divided into cycles of 60 years. These 60 years are in turn divided into five-year periods made up of 12 years each. The 12-year cycles correspond to the time it takes for the planet Jupiter to travel the Zodiac (the twelve animals or branches).

In this section we explain the philosophy of the Chinese horoscope, the characteristics of the twelve animals and their elements and we explain how to calculate their animal according to Chinese astrology.

Calculate and find out what is your my Chinese horoscope sign

According to the legend, Buddha near enlightenment, summons all the animals; but only twelve come and in the following order: Rat,he Ox buffalo, he Tiger,the Hare or Cat or Rabbit, he Dragon,the Snake,he Horse,the Cabrau Sheep, he Monkey,he Rooster,he Dog and the Pig or Wild Boar.

In gratitude for his visit, Buddha grants certain qualities and defects to each animal that will influence people born in the same Chinese year, sharing similar personality traits and trends.

Also for each cycle of twelve months or twelve animals will have different characteristics depending on the element that governs them: Wood, Water, Earth, Fire and Metal.

Each of these five elements is related to a color, a cardinal point, a direction, a season of the year, planet, etc. and related to two aspects: the ying and the yang (the feminine and the masculine).

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